About Us

About MadOnAds

Did you know 15% of all TV viewing is watching advertisements. You may love them, you may hate them, but you can’t ignore them. And we let you tell the ad-makers which ad to show and which to take out.

The box office does through ticket sales, the TV programs do through TRPs and ratings, gold does it through hallmark ratings, advertisements does their selection through MadOnAds. Where viewers are the king!

We keep a watch on every new advertisement, rate and review the TVC and let the brand know if it’s worth wasting your time on the idiot box.

MadOnAds is an ad-review platform, where you need not invest a lot of time filling up the forms asking you about your view of the ad. We capture it all with your clicks on emoticons while you watch.

Love it or hate it! Why say it? Click on smileys at every frame of the ad to express.

No fancy words, no forms to be filled up, we aim to know your feelings and nothing else. We aim to empower you to speak up your mind on the advertisements without much effort. So, next time you watch a boring ad, you may log in to madonads.com and click on “Sleeping” emoticons for as many frames as you want. For a funny ad you laughed on, come on the platform and click on “LOL” for as long as you want.

What more!! You earn redeemable points with every input you provide and our leadership board lets you show-off your prowess to your friends as well as to the brands.

Your love for rating and reviewing ads will soon pay you back with tempting rewards too.

So, here we are welcoming you to the crazy AdMad World, as we call it. Watch the video on MadOnAds and share your emotions on every frame with the smileys below.

So how did we come to MadOnAds?

Well, watching TV has never been so insighful. The idea for MOA struck to my mind while watching a TV advertisement for a deals website during a cold Sunday in December 2012. The ad started with an old woman, probably in her 60s, running behind two pickpocketers who had snatched purse from her. Strangely, the woman catches them while running and kicks them with some karate punches and the guys are shown lying on the ground in the next cut. A message for a karate class deal appears. After that the guys are shown groaning in pain with a message for deals available on full body massage.

The ad was mad, amazing, strange, crazy, hilarious and I just wanted to talk to someone about the ad or just share the ad. I called up a colleague and spent the next 45 minutes conceptualizing MadOnAds.

This, my friends is MadOnAds. Its the collective power of us (the audience) telling the brands what we need to see for us to choose their products.

Keep watching this space for more updates. We have just started and the features we have in the work are just amazing.